If you are looking for a good concrete company that offers basketball courts we are the best in Austin.  We are a family owned business and for many years we have offered our concrete services to Austin and the surrounding cities.  If you need a basketball court let us know and we will give you a fair quote on the project.

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Basketball Court is a popular game which extends the looks of the land. Basketball Court can be Installed both in Indoors and Outdoors.

1. Selection of the size and location

The size of the basketball court varies determining on the level of the game. The sizes of NBA and NCAA regulation courts are 94 feet by 50 feet while the size of high school courts are 84 feet by 50 feet. Divide this length by 2 for a half court installation.

2. Mark the dimensions of the basketball court

Place four stakes and mark out the dimensions of your court with the help of  a tape measure or a surveying level.

3. Purchase basketball pole hoops

Purchase 2 hoops for a full basketball court and 1 if you intended to create a half basketball court.

4. Level the surface you choose

Remove all rocks, grass and sticks. Levelling requires a transformation of soil from high areas to low areas. Levelling of the surface should be properly done.

5. Create a concrete foundation

Make sure the weather is dry when you will perform this step. Basketball concrete flooring needed at least 36 hours to set up.  Each pole must be placed 1-2 feet into the ground and stabilized with concrete flooring around them. Regulation height for a basketball hoop is 10 ft from the ground.