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A patio is a necessary part of your outdoor living. It can be a front yard and/or backyard of your home. A beautiful patio elevates the glory of your home. Just imagine how you will feel in spending memorable time with your family and friends relaxing on the beautiful patio! If you are thinking of paving your Patio, just go for concrete Patio. It is an excellent paving choice due to its durability, low-maintenance and adaptability to any style and shape.

There are several Concrete Patio ideas that can make your patio a remarkable place! Depending on the key factors like proximity, area, activities, weather exposure, landscaping, maintenance, shapes and sizes, furniture and entrance, you can finalize the dream concrete patio for your home.


Is your patio needing life put back into it? Concrete is much more than a gray slab. We can turn a dull patio into something more decorative that improves your home’s look. Concrete is popular for patio construction due to its versatility and ease of maintenance. A concrete patio won’t warp over time and can withstand even the harshest of weather. They also cost less than brick or stone because it does not require as much labor. And don’t think you have to stick with the gray slab. There are different shades that can match your home’s interior, and it can be engraved with patterns that look like brick and stone. If you want something new but have a budget, then a concrete patio will be an excellent choice due to an impressive look that doesn’t break the bank.

Let us Calculate Concrete Patio Cost

Cost of a concrete patio depends on some fixed items and some variable items. It will usually cost per square feet to install.

Stamp concrete Patios are the decorative options that convert your patio to look identical as the natural things. It can be poured into any shape and size along with the different pattern of stone, brick and wood-grained textures. One thing you should keep in mind that it’s not a job of DiY (Do it Yourself) concrete patio. The specialists certified agency like Stable Foundations required to take up stamp concrete Patios in Austin TX.


It’s an economical and effective option available to spice up the look of concrete patios. There are numerous decorative effects you can achieve by using acid or water-based stains. It can be done by DiY.

 Let us calculate Stained Concrete Patio Cost .

The complexity of design, materials and labor cost are the decisive factors of a Stamped Concrete Patio. Approximately, it cost per square know more about price of Stained Concrete Patio give us a call at  +1 512 981 3313 


1. Sweep the patio surface to remove dirt and debris. Remove all the weeds of the edges or between the cracks in the pavers. Use a power washer to wash the space.

2. Remove dirt with a cleaner and stiff brush. You can use bleach ammonia and other commercial solutions with water. You can use vinegar and baking soda on heavily soiled patios. You have to use a pressure washer for heavily stained patios

3. Protect your patio from future staining by sealing it with a concrete sealer once you clean your patio.Type your paragraph here.