In Texas, Austin and the surrounding cities have a lot of areas that are not flat.  Central Texas deals with a lot of hills and land that is uneven.  Having an uneven ground can cause problems for a homeowner and business owner.  

Our retaining walls help with a yard or land that is sloped or if you are having soil erosion.  A proper retaining wall needs the proper planning and structure to make sure it stands the test of time and does its job properly.  

No matter what your project is give Stable Foundations a call and let us take care of all of your concrete needs.  

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Stable Foundations offers the wide solutions of retaining walls at Austin Texas and near by area . Retaining walls are built around stairways or on the freeway where there are hills. They are built to hold back the soil and dirt. Thus they prevent the ground from eroding and sliding away from the foundation level. The process of block retaining walls, stone retaining walls and poured concrete retaining walls can be costly and expensive. 

However, Simple and cost effective method is to slack 60-11b concrete bag over walls. Over a time, the slacking of concrete will degrade and eventually you will have permanent concrete retaining walls.

Stable Foundation offers Keystone Retaining Walls System. It can be Distinguished into Following Walls:

1. Structural Retaining walls:  Heritage, commercial, municipal, transportation, industrial, residential and old structures can be made and persevered by the Structural Retaining Walls system.

2. Landscaping Retaining walls: Small and mid-side retaining wall along with some other elements such as columns, outdoor kitchens, planter boxes, fire pits, etc.

3. Patio stones and Pavers: A wide range of durable textures of patios, pool decks and walkways are available to design your concrete retaining walls.

4. Edgers: Enhance patios and walkways with vivid curves and angles. The appearance and durability are improved with pins, tools and some accessories.